Would you like your gems to look like mine?

Many gems can be improved through re-cutting, making them more beautiful, more sellable and more valuable.

If you have gems that you've had in your possession longer than you care to have them, perhaps you should consider having them re-cut into designer cut gems.

If you have gems that have damage to them, due to wear, such as abrasion or chips, they can be made to look new again. Repairs can be made or a full new optical effect can be part of the re-cutting process.

Consider the possibility of purchasing gems 'off the street' with the knowledge that you can have them re-cut into designer cut gems. This concept can be a new source of revenue for your store.

I have spent years perfecting the art of re-cutting gems. My skill and expertise in choosing the right gems, combined with my unique ability to minimize weight loss and add significant brilliance to the gem, makes this a win-win situation for the client and myself.

If you think you may have interest in taking advantage of this unique opportunity, contact me for guidelines on how to determine whether a gem is a good candidate for re-cutting.